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they'd hung themselves on the cross

in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit

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other land.
The end of the world never looked any shittier. But that's what happens when you dare just a little too hard and aim to reach for the stars-- the higher up you are, the harder the fall, right? So it comes as no surprise that Japan's left picking up the pieces made by the war that threw away everything that made them glorious. Everyone affected is just trying to get by. What else can you do anyway?

06:00AM - 11:59AM

other days.
BASIC CONDUCT All the basic regulations of roleplay conduct apply here. That means there will be no tolerance for any of these: godmodding (being all powerful and invincible), powerplaying (controlling another character without the mun's consent), perfect characters (we eat Mary Sues and Gary Stus for brunch), blatant plagiarism (don't you even dare), ooc drama (it's not welcome here so keep it out), and disrespect (this roleplay allows peace and love only).

ACTIVITY Stay active. Players are required to participate minimally for a week, so one or two LOG posts would be good enough. While JOURNAL posts are also a sign of activity, they would not be counted as they are mostly for fun, a side-business, if you will. If you can't do it, please let a mod know the reasons why and when you'll be able post regularly again.

LIMIT The character limit, at the moment, is TWENTY. Ten fandom characters, ten original characters, but are you really insane enough to pick up that many?

IC/OOC Remember: IC ≠ OOC. Keep the two separate. Just because someone's character is being cruel to your character doesn't mean that the person has something against you. This goes for OOC knowledge too-- just because you know what's going to happen doesn't mean your character does too.

CREATIVITY Since this roleplay allows OCs, don't let your characters be the typical girl-next-door or the mysterious loner. The sky's the limit, so take advantage of it.

RATING To be on the safe side, let's say R. This roleplay's focused more on darker themes than your typical crack, so drugs, sex, blood, gore, and everything in between? You bet we've got 'em. Of course, everything will be labelled, but don't say we didn't warn you.

POSTS All LOG posts go to otrolado. This is open for everyone to see. All JOURNAL posts go to your characters' own journals. As for who can see those? You decide. You're the one who knows who they trust and don't. All OOC posts and ANNOUNCEMENTS can be found in otrowhat.

RELATIONSHIPS This roleplay is het, yaoi, and yuri-friendly.

COMMITMENT Joining the roleplay means that you're basically saying you'll be an active player and contribute to the plot whenever you can. Yes, we're lenient, but if the players never take any initiative, then where else would the roleplay go but downhill?

GOLDEN RULE HAVE FUN! It's not a roleplay if there are no rampant debaucheries, cheers of joy, and 24/7 playdates around. If a problem arises, however, feel free to contact any of the mods.

CONTACT. Need a mod?

-- wtfz squirrel [aim]

-- dash chromatique [aim]

-- orchidcrescent [aim]